Emotion Intervention

Raising teenagers alone is Brutal!

You can feel overwhelmed, confused,

guilty of not doing it right

and  so lonely in your struggle...

It doesn't have to be!



Cut The Crap, brain rewiring and spiritual approach to stop arguing course

4 weeks to learn how avoid arguments with your teenagers through clearing the inflammatory factors

Do you feel like you are losing control over your kids?

Are you emotionally and physically drained from fighting?

Do you feel like a failure for getting angry when you promised yourself you wouldn't?

Learn to let go of:

  • The crap between you and you
  • The crap between you and them
  • The crap between you an the Universe

Cut The Crap, brain rewiring and spiritual approach Total Impact Program

12 Weeks to redefine who you are and step into your true power as a Mom and a woman

Do you feel confused, afraid and powerless with the way you parent?

Are you doubting that you have what it takes?

Do you want to run away from your life but are too ashamed to admit it, even to yourself?

Learn to shift what isn't serving you with coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Tapping and energy work.

Redefine yourself and get in touch with your true power and inner wisdom.         

One on One Private Coaching

If you prefer being coached in a totally private environment,

let's work together for 12 weeks through video sessions over Skype or Zoom 

Not sure what you need?

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