Raising teenagers as a single mom

Is brutal!

It doesn't have to be...


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Bonjour and welcome!


My name Murielle Fellous. I was born and raised in France and left when I was 18 to attend college at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I graduated with a bachelor in accounting.

After starting a career in accounting, I found myself coaching as women who were going through a hard time were drawn to me. The feedback was very positive and I fell in love with it.

Self-empowerment and spiritual development became my passions so I decided to get certified and start a coaching business to help women to empower themselves.

I then spent several years building my business ,coaching mostly on dating and relationships; helping women who had a pattern of attracting painful and/or toxic relationships shift and heal at a subconscious and energetic level until I faced a crisis of my own…

Just as discovered that I had contracted a liver diseases and I almost died from it, my kids became teenagers, propelling me into even more uncertainty and strong feelings of powerlessness as I realized that I didn’t have as much control over my life and the people in it as I thought I did.





That was a very difficult turn to take.


I fell into depression, constantly worrying about keeping my  teenagers safe and overwhelmed with all the moving pieces of being a single mom doing it all alone without guidance or emotional support.

After I experienced a few months of "dark night of the soul," I decided that, instead of going to a doctor to request anti-depressants,

like so many of my friends were advising me  to, I would double the practice of the tools I knew as a coach and a healer.

The same tools that I would give my clients in similar situations...

When I finally found myself on the other side, my heart went to all the single moms who had to go through it alone and I decided to take my business in a new direction.

I became passionate about helping moms navigate the changes that must happen when our kids become teenagers if we want our relationships to be as harmonious and tension free as possible.

Today, I coach women in three different countries, host a podcast, and teach moms how to avoid the painful arguments and confrontations with their teenagers through my “Cut The Crap” brain rewiring and spiritual approach.

If you recognize yourself and are where I was, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no pressure FREE discovery call.