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Murielle was born and raised in France and left when she was 18 to attend college at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she graduated with a bachelor in accounting.

After starting a career in accounting, she found herself coaching as women, who were going through a hard time, were drawn to her. The feedback was very positive and she fell in love with it.

Self-empowerment and spiritual development became her passions so she decided to get certified and start a coaching business to help women to empower themselves.

Although she was able to develop her business on the side while working full time and raising three kids doing it all on her own, she did not yet feel enough.


Because she wasn’t fully settled in her self-worth, she suffered from worry and anxiety regarding her value as a mother, and constantly invited toxic love relationship in her life, until one almost killed her!

She found herself on a hospital bed between life and death, contaminated by a very acute case of Hepatitis B. As she was listening to the doctors telling her that they were not sure she wouldn’t go into liver failure and die, there were only two things in her mind:


What would happen to my kids? And how did I get here?


This traumatic event changed her forever and she made it her mission to help as many women as possible through teaching them self-love and connecting with them with their true value.

She now coaches clients in four countries, hosts a weekly podcast and has created her own programs, combining the various tools and techniques that she spent 18 years studying.

Her coaching involves powerful brain training processes, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/Tapping, energy work, as well as using imagery as a way to open the dialogue with the subconscious mind.

She strongly believes in combining the power of the mind, body, and spirit to create the emotional and energetic space for the fulfilling love and life that we all deserve.